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Resource and Referral Program



Child Care Referrals



Child care information is provided to parents along with referrals to child care programs.  Recommendations to child care providers are not made by SCCC staff.  Referrals are based on the belief that parents are best able to choose and evaluate which is the most appropriate care environment for their children.  It is recommended that parents along with their children visit providers to ensure that the needs of parents are met satisfactorily and that the children will be happy.


If you would like a list of child care providers in your area, please call  Margaret at (530) 938-2748.


Becoming a Child Care Provider


Have you always dreamed of working with children?  Would you like to work from home while your children are growing?  Then you should consider becoming a child care provider. 


There are two types of child care providers:


License-Exempt Child Care Providers are able to care for ONE unrelated family at a time in their home. 


Licensed Family Child Care Providers care for children in their home as well.  But they are licensed to care for a certain number of children.  Small Family Child Care Providers are licensed for 6-8 children at a time.  Large Family Child Care Providers are licensed to care for 12-14 children at a time and are required to employ a qualified assistant.


If you would like more information about becoming a child care provider, please call  (530) 938-2748.  You may also review the attached informational packet on "Becoming A Family Child Care Provider."

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