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California Child Care Initiative Project

The California Child Care Initiative Project (CCIP) is a series of free trainings available to experienced, new and potential family child care home providers.

CCIP assists individuals interested in becoming licensed family child care home providers, with an emphasis on expanding the supply of care for infants and toddlers.

  • CCIP helps establish a child care business that is competitive and marketable.

  • CCIP presents family child care home providers with opportunities to network, as well as access resources, training and support.

  • CCIP provides specialized training so licensed providers can care for infants, toddlers, and children with special needs.

CCIP provides free trainings focused on four areas of importance.  These are referred to as Modules, and are as follows:

MODULE 1: Starting a Family Child Care Business

MODULE 2: Setting Up a Family Child Care Program

MODULE 3: Developmental Needs of Children

MODULE 4: Provider Support


Providers are eligible to receive incentives for attending trainings.  Reimbursement may also be available for some of the costs associated with becoming a Licensed Child Care Provider.  Examples would be licensing fees, fingerprinting costs, and child proofing your home.


For more information on the California Child Care Initiative Project, contact Margaret at 530-938-2748.

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