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Alternative Payment (AP) Assistance Programs

To receive subsidized child care and development services, families must meet income eligibility and need criteria. The family income and family size determines eligibility and the need is established when parents are employed, seeking employment, participating in vocational training, homeless and seeking permanent housing, or incapacitated.




Alternative Payment






CalWORKS Stage 3 AP Program

CalWORKs Stage 2 - C2APEligibilty for Stage 2 usually begins when the local county welfare department determines that the adult’s work or approved work activity is stable; the adult is transitioning off CalWORKs cash aid; or a family applies and is found eligible for CalWORKs Stage 2 Services. A family is also eligible to receive CalWORKs Stage 2 child care services if the parent is CalWORKs cash aid recipient or a former cash aid recipient who received cash aid within the last 24 months and meets need and income eligibility requirements.

CalWORKs Stage 3 - C3AP Stage 3 is for parents who have exhausted their 24 months after CalWORKs discontinuance on Stage 2 funding. Parents can only enroll onto Stage 3 as a transfer from Stage 2. Stage 3 eligibility continues as long as the family meets eligibility and need requirements.



A family is income-eligible if their gross monthly income does not exceed the amount indicated on the chart below, as corresponds to their family size.

Family size is roughly determined by the total number of adults and children living in the home.

Countable Income sources include: wages/salaries, self-employment income, child support/spousal support, Cash Aid (TANF or CalWORKs), worker's compensation, disability insurance payments, unemployment, pensions or annuities, veteran's benefits.

Family Size             Family Monthly Income

1-2                                    $6,128

3                                        $6,931

4                                        $8,025

5                                        $9,309

6                                        $10,593

7                                        $10,720

8                                        $11,074

9                                        $11,315

10                                      $11,556

11                                      $11,797

12                                      $12,037

CalWORKS Stage 2 AP Program

Every parent or guardian must fulfill one of the following need requirements:

  • working

  • in a training program

  • going to school

  • have a reason they cannot care for their own children

  • A written referral from the appropriate legal, medical, or social service agency may establish eligibility under the following conditions:

  • Children who are in need of protection from, or who are at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation.

  • Children whose parents are incapacitated and cannot provide adequate care for their children.

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