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Toy & Resource Lending Library


The Toy & Resource Lending Library helps parents; teachers and caregivers provide quality play opportunities for children.  Our library has two unique qualities:

  • We carry a large inventory of toys, children’s books and infant equipment, which are loaned out at no charge to the patron.

  • The librarian is knowledgeable about child development and the value of play.


The Toy Lending Library Inventory Includes:

Trikes, scooters, trucks, dolls, dollhouses, parachutes, games, trains, giant waffle blocks, legos, puzzles, puppets, musical tapes, water play sets, marble works, slides, and much more!


The Resource Lending Library Inventory Includes:

Books, video tapes, DVDs, publications and hand-outs for parents and professionals on a variety of child related topics.  There are books on child development, parenting, discipline, health & safety, substance abuse, nutrition, crafts and more.  We also have a large assortment of curriculum kits that are available to teachers and child care providers.


 For questions, or more information about the Toy & Resource Lending Library contact Siskiyou Child Care Council at 938-2748.

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